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Experienced & Professional Team

The Velleman Board

Peter Delbecque

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Operations Officer

Isabel Vandewalle

Chief Human Resources Officer

Bennie Hebbelynck

Chief Information Officer
Velleman Group consists of multiple Service Centers, working together as one team.
  • Business Unit Manager Electro
  • BU Electro

    Offering high-end products for professionals.

    Kris Daelman

  • Business Unit Manager Sales
  • BU Sales

    Creating opportunities for our traditional sales channels.

    Dominique Opsomer

  • Business Unit Manager Digital
  • BU Digital

    The world at our fingertips thanks to our e-commerce activities.

    Frederik Desombere

  • Quality and Production Manager
  • Operations Management

    Quality and reliability contribute to success. Managing 18.000 SKUs in the logistic heart.

    Jan Dewolf


Awesome team with high motivation


Our custom approach and years of experience come in handy when it comes to helping our customers. Let's set the goals for your company together.

Our team is ready to dive in and work together on smooth base. Ready for the future!

At Velleman we have a bright group of engineers, ready to explore many solutions to your business challenges.

Looking for a new opportunity in a great team and great company? Check our job page. See you soon!


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There is no war on talent. A war would indicate losing. We welcome talent. It is our duty to create a work environment where people thrive & excel.

Peter Delbecque, CEO of Velleman