Christmas Lights Energy Consumption 

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. However, due to the turmoil on energy markets more and more people worry about their electricity consumption. Luckily, this is no reason to keep your Christmas lighting in the attic as the newest generation with LED technology will barely have an influence on your energy bills.

Below we show you the consumption of two Christmas garlands from Velleman Group's range, the longest and the most consuming.


Length40 m24 m
Number of LEDs6002040
Power consumption7,2 W15 W
Operating time6 h/day during 30 days6 h/day during 30 days
Total energy consumption1,3 kWh2,7 kWh

Total energy cost during 1 Christmas season*€ 1€ 2
* Average price per kWh in September 2022 (€ 0,71)

Energy consumption Christmas lights vs other energy consuming home appliances

So Christmas lights don't take a big bite out of your budget. More than that, it is one of the smallest energy consumers at home. To prove it, we have listed some energy-hungry home appliances and compared their energy consumption and cost. Do you know your energy guzzlers?

Comparison table : 

Home appliancePowerAverage operating hours / daykWh / monthCost / monthkWh / yearCost/year
Christmas garland7,2 W102,20€ 1,526,35€ 18
LED TV60 W35,49€ 3,865,88€ 46
15" laptop130 W831,72€ 22380,64€ 267
Combi fridge200 W2,1513,12€ 9157,38€ 110
Microwave oven1.000 W0,515,25€ 0,7183€ 128
Vacuum cleaner1.800 W0,4323,53€ 16,5282,34€ 198
Electric kettle2.000 W0,2515,25€ 11183
€ 128,10
Induction cooktop2.500 W1,93147,05€ 1031.765€ 1.235
Hybrid heat pump5.000 W2,75419,38€ 2945.033€ 3.523
EV charger 3 phase (11 kWh)11.000 W4,021347,03€ 94316.164€ 11.315
* Charging 40 kW electric car